Close your eyes and imagine your dream wedding. Is it simple, intimate, or big, luxurious? Whatever you imagine, our mission is to make it special and original.

One of the services we offer is complete wedding design which enables us to achieve a connection of all the design elements. We will take care of everything: from wedding invitations to ceremony and venue decorations.

Through the process, we take care even of the smallest detail so we can fulfill your every wish, and the wedding is imbued with your personality. For that reason, we will start the whole process by finding a detail that best depicts your journey together and discover what makes your relationship special. What follows next is the choice of color, wedding style and all of the other elements that connected together create a visual unity.

Still, if you have already planned your special day and you only need a few elements, we offer the possibility of choosing single services of decorations or wedding stationery.

Whatever you choose, we are here for you!

Ella + Andrej


When it comes to wedding stationery*, as with every element of the wedding, we follow the newest trends in esthetics and material use.

We put an emphasis on the quality of the material that we use, which has to be durable, and preferably ecologically acceptable. For this reason, our envelopes are made from fine cardboard, and each is carefully hand-made.

Invitations, as well as other stationery, carefully follow the chosen color and theme of your wedding. We create unique, personalized invitation designs according to your wishes.

Nonetheless, if you are not sure in which direction you are going, we have in our offer already made invitations among which you can choose your favorite one.

*Wedding stationery includes:

  • Save the date cards
  • Invitations
  • Menu cards
  • Table number cards
  • Guest name cards
  • Seating arrangement
  • ″Welcome″ sign
  • Gifts for the guests


In addition to following the chosen color and wedding style, when choosing flowers we are guided by the latest trends.

At the same time, we take into consideration the season of the wedding itself so we can pick the flowers that are fresh, appropriate for the occasion and presented at its best.

The floral design includes:

  • Wedding bouquet
  • Floral lapels for the family and maid of honor / best man
  • Lapels for the guests
  • Bouquet / wreaths / bracelets for the bridesmaids
  • Church / Registrar’s Office decorations
  • Decoration for the open wedding venue ceremony
  • Newlyweds table decoration
  • Guests table decoration
  • Sweet table decoration
  • Photo corner decoration
  • Car decoration
  • Hanging installations
  • Ceremony arch
  • And much more….