General terms and conditions

Terms of use and general terms of use of the website

The website (from now on Website) is owned by IDEArt, a joined design company, owners Maja Grbac and Kristina Žufić, Štanga 5, Rovinj (from now on Service provider).

These terms of use of the website (from now on General terms) regulate the use of the Website. These terms also define the acts of ordering, payment, delivery and return or complaint for a product offered on the Website.

This Website does not offer the service of internet purchase. The service of internet purchase is a service that enables customers to purchase the products and services by Website, which is not the case here. This Website only provides a review of offered products and services, and the visitor of the Website (from now on User) only sends an inquiry for a chosen product.

By accessing the Website and its use, every user commits himself to respecting these General terms and agrees that the directives of these General terms apply to him, as well as other rules and terms of use of the website and services that are provided.


Use of the website service and user registration

The service of sending inquiries is available only to adult and business capable Users, which is confirmed by entering personal information.

When placing an order as a guest, the User confirms the following:

  • to be acquainted with the General terms and conditions and to fully accept these General terms and conditions;
  • completeness, accuracy, truthfulness and timeliness of the personal information;
  • to give the Service provider his explicit consent to process submitted personal information according to the Personal information protection law for the needs of personal record keeping required by Law

Sending an inquiry, that is ordering a product is done electronically, by clicking ″Add to cart“ the chosen product is saved in the User’s shopping cart. The product is not ordered when the User has completed the order process, but only when the Service provider contacts the User by e-mail. The User will receive an e-mail from on the registered e-mail address with which the Service provider will confirm that the order / inquiry has been received.


Restrictions on use and liability

The User undertakes not to:

  • use the Website in any way that is against positive regulations in the Republic of Croatia
  • upload on the Website or distribute through the Website any content which is against positive regulations, including, but not limited to content which is harmful, threatening, disturbing, vulgar, spreading hate and racial intolerance, content that violets the rights and interests of others and similar
  • change, erase or destroy any information on the Website
  • use the Website to violate the rights of third parties, including breach of secrecy, intellectual property rights or other rights or interests of third parties
  • use the Website for presentation for the purpose of self-promotion
  • use the Website to send e-mails which are against these General terms and conditions
  • upload or distribute through the Website any kind of illegal software and viruses
  • publish, transfer and/or exchange information for which he knows or must know are fake, and whose publishing could cause damage to other users and/or websites
  • perform any kind of illegal or unauthorized action
  • transfer or distribute any kind of illegal content
  • publish, transfer and/or exchange personal information of third parties
  • advertise oneself or ask any other user to buy or sell any kind of product/service, use the information obtained from the content on the Website to contact other users for the purpose of advertising, presenting or selling products without their permission, and publish, transfer and/or exchange unwanted content to other users without their consent or want
  • publish, transfer and/or exchange content protected by copyright and other intellectual property rights by third parties

Documents, data and information published on the Website cannot be reproduced, distributed or used in any other way for commercial purposes without explicit consent by the Service provider or any way which can harm any third party. Documents, data and information used on this Website can only be used by the User for individual purposes respecting all copyright, property rights and third party rights. By using this Website, the User accepts all the risks that can arise from its use and accepts to use the content of the Website solely for personal use and at own risk.

The Service provider completely disclaims all responsibility that is in any way attributed to the use of the Website or for any action made by the User during the use or misuse of the content of the Website and for any harm that may be caused to the User or any other third party regarding the use or misuse of the content of the Website.

The Website can contain documents, data, information as well as links to other websites, created by third parties which will be marked as such in the possible and necessary amount. The Service provider does not have control over the above mentioned documents, data, information or other websites and therefore disclaims all responsibility, including but not limited to the accuracy, completeness and availability of the content on the websites created by third parties and for any content presented on such websites by third parties, as well as for possible products or services obtained by such third party websites.

The Service provider retains the right to change the content of the Website without previous announcement, cancel the Website or limit the access to the Website and will not be responsible for any consequences that may arise from such change, cancellation or limitation.

The Service provider will not be responsible for any consequences that may arise due to the unavailability of the Website or for any technical reasons.

The Service provider retains the right to change the prices of its products and services.

The Service provider retains the right to prevent access to the Website to those IP addresses (Users) from which actions contrary to these General terms and conditions are performed, and for this the Service provider will not be held responsible.


Prices of products and services

The prices of products are expressed in Croatian kuna (kn). The Service provider is not in the VAT (value added tax) system, so VAT is not calculated, based on article 90, paragraph 1 and 2 of the VAT Law (Official gazette number 73/13), and the expressed price of the product is final. Product delivery is charged additionally and will be arranged subsequently by e-mail communication.

Electronic communication

By visiting the Website and using its services, the User communicates electronically, and therefore accepts that all agreements, notifications, press releases and other content that are delivered electronically comply will the legal regulations in the same manner as if they were realized in writing.


Other terms and conditions

The Service provider will not be held responsible for any harm that may arise due to an interruption in internet connection when using the Internet store.

The photographs of the products are illustrative and do not have to always and in every detail correspond to the products that are the subject of the order.

Positive regulations of the Republic of Croatia apply on the relationship between the User and the Service provider.


Amendments to the general terms and conditions and other provisions

The Service provider retains the right to change or add to these General terms and conditions at any time, and such changes come into force on the day of publication on the Website.

By continuing to access the Website or by continuing to use any part of its content or services will be considered consent to such changed or added General terms and conditions. The Service provider advises you to periodically check these General terms and conditions in order to be acquainted with possible changes.

The Service provider retains the right at any time and without previous announcement to change, complete or cancel any part of its business, which includes the Website, or any of its parts, service, sub sites or services provided through it.

Subject law includes, but is not limited to change of availability time, content, new information availability, transfer mode, as well as the right to access or use the website.

It is the User’s duty and obligation to use the Website in accordance with positive regulations and general moral and ethical principles. The Service provider has the right  to control the content of the Website at any time to ensure the respect of these general terms and conditions and positive regulations.