Any kind of celebration – big or small – is very significant to you and for that reason we approach it professionally, making it unique, and by all means unforgettable.

For your special occasion we will make personalized props such as water bottles, big and small chocolates, straws, napkins, gifts boxes with candy and other.

We will pay particular attention to the sweet table, which is the latest hit in party organization. Although it is usually reserved for the cake, pastry and various personalized props, it will soon turn itself into a photo corner in which you will make perfect photos and create beautiful, unforgettable memories.

When you choose to hire us to organize your engagement party, baptism, birthday, bachelorette party or baby shower, besides the decorations for the event itself, we will take care of ordering the cake and other pastries for you, all in the interest of making every details in sync with your celebration theme.

With personalized props, balloon garland, photo corner and the inevitable sweet table, your celebration will look impeccable, and you will be able to relax and simply enjoy it.


You are aware that the engagement is a big step in your relationship and you would like to make that moment really special? We know how to make the proposal unforgettable for you and your better half. We will turn the place you choose to pop the question into a fairy tale. We will decorate the dinner table with candles and magical atmosphere to make the whole experience even more romantic.


The day in which your child receives one of the Holy sacraments is in itself special and significant. But why not make it even more special by decorating the celebration in the same atmosphere. You surely have a lot of things to do on that day, so allow us to create a story for you that will emphasize its importance. Besides numerous details, we will take care of the sweet table which will be a perfect place to create beautiful memories with your loved ones.


Adults or children – we all like to celebrate our birthday. Each birthday party is unthinkable without balloons and numerous decorations. Make your loved ones happy by organizing a birthday party for them. Tell us what they like the most – favorite color, theme, cartoon or movie and we will make sure you step into the world of the birthday girl/boy.


How to best ″send off″ your friend into marital waters? With an unforgettable bachelorette party, of course! With personalized details and floral decorations, we will make the bachelorette party simply magical, and all you need to do is enjoy and take in the unforgettable moments.


Additionally ″sweeten″ the already sweet expectation of the baby arrival by organizing the sweetest baby shower. With balloon garland, floral decorations, baby props and other details, memorize the most precious moments just before your newborn comes to the world.